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Anti-Virus Software

All students connected to the TTU network via ResNet or the TTU wireless network, are REQUIRED to have antivirus software installed on their computers.

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Selected Software

Software Available for Faculty, Staff & Students **

There are many vendors who provide discounts to students on major software products. The list below is NOT comprehensive, but rather a few links to help you get started. Please be sure to check the hardware requirements online before purchasing any software for your use as a student. To visit the online store and view your options, please start at our Campus Agreement Purchasing Program page.

** = Student-Only Offers

  • Adobe (Graphics and web design tools)
  • Autodesk - Students can get a 3-yr license for free from Autodesk or purchase a 5-yr license from Academic Superstore, JourneyEd - (Engineering design tools) **
  • LabView Express (Lab test, measurement, and automation software) **
  • Maple (Mathematical software) **
  • Mathcad (Numerical and symbolic computations) **
  • Matlab - Students should choose Buy Now under For Students then select Student use of Matlab and Simulink Student Version then follow the instructions to purchase - (Mathematical and engineering computations) **

** = Student-Only Offers