Computers & Technology

Technology for Student Checkout

Items are checked out at the IT Desk on the main floor. Many of the items listed below accumulate fines if they are overdue, so please read your email for due dates and times.

Item Duration
Adapters & Cables 4 hours
Apple CD/DVD Burner 4 hours
Graphing Calculators 4 days
Headphones 4 hours
Laptops (Mac & Windows) 4 hours
Laptop Chargers 4 hours
LCD Projectors 4 days
Projector Screens 4 days
Tripods 4 days
Video Cameras 4 days
Wireless/Bluetooth Keyboards 4 hours
Wireless Mice 4 hours

Technology for Faculty & Staff Checkout

Additional technology is available for faculty and staff from the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning or Will Hoffert.

Computers in the Library

  • Desktop Macs (2nd Floor)
  • Desktop Windows (2nd Floor)
  • Desktop Windows (3rd Floor)
  • Mac Laptops for checkout (IT Desk)
  • Windows Laptops for checkout (IT Desk)

Other Technology in the Library

Helpful Technology Tips