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Main Library Contact Number

(Front Desk) Phone: 931-372-3326

Staff Directory by Library Division

Picture of Doug Bates Library Dean Dr. Doug Bates
931-372-3408 Library Room 220
Picture of Joanna Arnhart Administration Joanna Arnhart
931-372-3408 Library Room 214
Picture of Megan Atkinson Archives Megan Atkinson
931-372-3537 Library Room 100/104
Picture of Sharon Buckner Administration Sharon Buckner
931-372-3409 Library Room 217
Picture of Jennifer Dewar Archives Jennifer Dewar 931-372-3958 Library Room 100/104
Picture of Regina Lee Assessment Regina Lee
931-372-6105 Library Room 141
Picture of Janet Whiteaker Learning Support Program Coordinator
Writing & English
Dr. Janet Whiteaker 931-372-3456 Library Room 360A
Picture of Debra Bryant Learning Support Program
Dr. Debra Bryant 931-372-3668 Library Room 360D
Person is not pictured. Learning Support Program
Hank Duvier 931-372-3514 Library Room 360B
Person is not pictured. Learning Support Program
Dr. Pam Harden 931-372-3892 Library Room 360C
Picture of Ann Lewald Learning Support Program
Reading & Writing
Ann Lewald 931-372-3702 Library Room 141C
Person is not pictured. Learning Support Program
Reading & UNIV1030
John Pigg 931-372-3703 Library Room 141A
Picture of Sharon Holderman Public Services Coordinator Sharon Holderman 931-372-3822 Library Room 204
Picture of Rose Black Circulation/Front Desk Rose Black 931-372-6107 Library Room 211
Picture of David Hajdik Reference & Instruction David Hajdik 931-372-6243 Library Room 209
Picture of Lydia Kendall Tutoring & Class+ Lydia Kendall 931-372-3380 Library Room 120
Picture of Brittany Lafever Tutoring & Class+ Brittany Lafever 931-372-3841 Library Room 120
Picture of Ann Manginelli Reference & Instruction Ann Manginelli 931-372-6237 Library Room 208
Picture of Charlene McClain Circulation/Front Desk Charlene McClain 931-372-6109 Library Room 212
Picture of Holly Mills Reference & Instruction Holly Mills 931-372-3544 Library Room 210
Picture of Stuart Gaetjens Technical Services Coordinator Stuart Gaetjens 931-372-6110 Library Room 146
Picture of Steph Adams Electronic Resources Stephanie Adams 931-372-3545 Library Room 146A
Picture of Sandy Barlow Accounting & Purchasing Sandra Barlow 931-372-3849 Library Room 145A
Picture of Sonya Bowman InterLibrary Loan Sonya Bowman 931-372-3710 Library Room 145C
Picture of Mary Cooper Periodicals & Cataloging Mary Cooper 931-372-6451 Library Room 145B
Picture of Carrie Day Digital Access & Discovery Carrie Day 931-372-6099 Library Room 146B
Picture of Mei Hu Metadata Mei Hu 931-372-3530 Library Room 140A
Picture of Teresa Queener Cataloging Teresa Queener 931-372-3470 Library Room 140B