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Library Employees

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    Library Checkout Duration

    Patron duration:

    • Community borrowers: 30 days
    • Undergraduate students: 30 days
    • Graduate students: 90 days
    • Faculty/staff/admin: until May 1

    Exceptions by collection (the duration above work on all collections except as specified below):

    • Course reserves: 2 hours or 4 days (based on item type and instructor’s preference)
    • ILL items: due date is written on the yellow band and dictated by the library that owns the item
    • Permanent reserves: 4 days
    • Reference & journals are non-circulating
    • Technology equipment from TechCheck (students only): 4 hours or 4 days based on item type
    • Textbook reserves: 2 hours
    • Umbrellas:  4 days
    • Popular collection/paperbacks: 30 days

    Clerical & Support Staff Guidelines under FLSA

    The coordinators discussed Clerical & Support Staff guidelines and agreed on the following for library employees:

    • If you know you want to flex your schedule, you can do that in advance with approval of your supervisor
    • Working anything beyond 37.5 hours per week is at the request of your supervisor. You cannot choose to work extra time and then get paid for it.
    • Adjustments to a schedule can be made within the current week only.
    • You cannot request to make up more than three hours within the same week for medical appointments and other specific one-time situations.
    • If you do this more than two weeks in a row, you need to talk to your supervisor about making an official change of schedule.
    • The over-arching rule is that any adjustments to a person’s schedule must be signed off in advance by your supervisor.
    • C & S are not allowed to work a compressed week.

    Coordinators’ Council August 26, 2016

  • Forms
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) information
  • Travel

    • Fill out the Travel Proposal Form and send your completed Travel Proposal form directly to your supervisor for approval. Remember that if travel is for only one day that you are not reimbursed for meals.
    • Please make sure to provide official documentation of conference hotel rates (from registration website). The Business Office requires this and will only pay Per Diem otherwise. If meals are included as part of the Conference Registration Fee, the Library does not reimburse those meals. NOTE: Do not wait until you return as the website may not have this information anymore.
    • Supervisors will then forward to the Administrative Assistant in the Dean’s Office stating the travel is 'Approved'.
    • After approval, the Administrative Assistant will let you borrow the pro card for registration fees and airfare. Hotel fees, meals, gas, and parking must be paid by you and then you are reimbursed for those expenses as long as you get receipts.
    • RENTAL CAR INFORMATION: Call the Administrative Assistant at x3408 before renting a car to make sure that there is enough money in the library account for car rental. The library account number is 240006. If you are getting a rental car at the airport, then you will rent the car through Emerald National website. Otherwise, if you are picking up your rental car in Cookeville then you will need to make reservations for your rental car via this Enterprise link. With the Trip Optimizer, you can do a cost comparison and you MUST attach this cost comparison when opting to drive your personal car as opposed to flying or renting a car. If it is cheaper to fly or rent, that is the amount you will be reimbursed for your mileage. If you are picking up a rental car from Enterprise in Cookeville, then go after you get off work so that the library doesn't have to pay for an extra day. For more information on renting a car for travel, visit the purchasing website on vehicle rental contract information. Enterprise is open 7:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Saturday. They are closed Sundays. They are located at 1800 Foreman Drive in Cookeville. 931-520-6181
    • Print the Per Diem Rates (for meals & incidentals) page when traveling out of state - the Business Office requires us to attach a copy.
    • Get receipts for EVERYTHING! The library is now only reimbursing based on receipts - not on per diem rates.

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