Angelo & Jennette Volpe Library

Course reserves are instructor-selected materials for students to use as course resources.  All reserve materials are included in the library catalog.


Reserve items can be library-owned or personally-owned and typically consist of videos and entire books.  Articles and class notes do not go in course reserves but should be in iLearn.  If you would like articles or a couple chapters digitized to put into iLearn, contact Rose Black with your request. 

To put materials on course reserve:

  1. Read the Course Reserve Policies for additional details, and contact Charlene McClain with any questions.
  2. Complete the Course Reserves Request Form, one form per course.
  3. Bring the completed form with the items to the library information front desk*
  4. The items will be placed on reserve within three business days.
  5. You will receive email confirmation once the items have been processed and are ready for use.
  6. At the end of each semester, you will be notified how many times each item was checked out so you can track its usage

*You may request that students sign in before viewing/listening to media materials, and those sheets are digitized and emailed to faculty once a week.  There are no sign-in sheets for non-media items.  Be sure to make this request when giving your form and items to the library.

If you are putting items on reserve, it may be helpful to include a paragraph in your syllabus similar to the one below:
There are supplemental materials on course reserve in the library.  To use these items, go to the library information front desk, ask for the specific item, and give them my last name.  You will be able to check this item out with an EagleCard for one of the following durations, depending on the item:

  • 2-hours - May not be taken from the building. May be renewed at the information front desk if no one is waiting for it.
  • 4-days - May be taken from the building. May be renewed at the information front desk.