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What is Get It Now?

It is another way for faculty and graduate students to obtain some articles that are not available online if the publisher participates in Get It Now.

All students and faculty can use InterLibrary Loan to request articles not available online. These articles typically arrive in a few days and are free.

Faculty and Graduate students may have an additional option if they absolutely need the article earlier because Get It Now delivers certain articles within a few hours. The library must pay a $30 fee per article for this service, so please only use this as needed.

Who can use Get It Now?

The Get It Now service is available ONLY to faculty and graduate students

How do I request an article?

  • Search for the article you want in EagleSearch, individual databases, or Google Scholar connected to TTU.
  • If the article is not available online, you will always be able to request it through InterLibrary Loan
  • When available, there will also be an option to request it using Get It Now (screen capture below); select this option only if you absolutely need the article within a few hours
  • Enter your email address and accept the use agreement
  • You will receive an email confirming the request
  • Your article will be emailed to you