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If you are a current TTU distance education student or employee, you have full access to the Volpe Library.

Online Access

  • If you have a TTU username:
    • Click on "Off Campus Log-In" on the left side of the TTU library website.
    • Enter your TTU email username and password.
    • Search and access resources as desired.
  • If you are a TN eCampus student without a TTU username, to to the TN eCampus Virtual Library for instructions.

Borrowing Items

  • If you have a TTU username and want to borrow items from the TTU library without visiting the library, email Sharon Holderman ( with your request, and your items will be mailed to you.

  • If you have a TTU username and you want items the library does not own, you have two options:
    • Complete the TALC card request form to check out materials in person at other college and university libraries.
    • Use TTU’s InterLibrary Loan (ILL) to request the materials. Articles will be available online, and books will be shipped to you at the library's expense. Please note in your request that you are a distance education student. You can return the book for free in person or pay to mail it back.
  • If you are a TN eCampus student without a TTU username and want a TTU physical item, you have two options:
    • Request it through TN eCampus interlibrary loan, or interlibrary loan from your home campus or local/public library.
    • Visit the TTU library to get a community borower card to check out items.
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