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TLC Testing - Accommodated Testing

The TLC offers the following testing accommodations:

  • Area where student can sit, stand, or walk
  • Calculator
  • Class notes
  • Extended time
  • Increased font size
  • Formula sheet
  • Noise-reduced area
  • Private testing area
  • Step out and return

TN Tech faculty: please see Faculty Information for more information.

TN Tech students: If you have registered with the AEC for accommodations, RegisterBlast will show only the accommodations the TLC can provide. If you need an accommodation not listed in RegisterBlast, please contact the AEC.

Non-TN Tech faculty: You must note any required accommodations in RegisterBlast when you submit the exam. We can only offer the accommodations listed above.

Non-TN Tech students: If your exam is for a class, your instructor is responsible for noting any required accommodations when they submit the exam to the TLC. We can only offer the accommodations listed above.

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