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TLC Testing - Faculty Information

Faculty may use TLC Testing for makeup exams or all class exams.

  • It is never mandatory for faculty to use the TLC for their class tests; it is optional
  • The testing area cannot be reserved for a class
  • Faculty specify the days exams are available but cannot designate specific times
  • Students can schedule any time the TLC is open on the day(s) an exam is available

You must submit exam information in RegisterBlast at least 72 hours prior to the testing date to allow time for the TLC to process the exam and to allow students 24+ hours to schedule. It may take longer than 72 hours to process an exam depending on faculty response time if the TLC has logistics questions. You may always submit exams more than 72 hours before the testing window begins; some faculty submit all class exams before the semester starts.

If a student did not take the exam during the original testing window and still needs to test in the TLC, the testing window must be extended. Please email with the extension date and the student’s name, and we will extend the testing window.

RegisterBlast Links & Info:

The TLC only uses Respondus LockDown Browser if you specifically request it in your exam instructions submitted through RegisterBlast.  You also must require LockDown Browser within the iLearn exam settings. Do not require Respondus Monitor, which is the webcam component, for students testing in the TLC. Our testing stations do not have webcams, so students cannot take the exam in the TLC if you require Respondus Monitor.

If your students will take an iLearn exam in the TLC, create an exam password in iLearn; do not create multiple passwords for different days or different students. You must submit the password when you submit the exam information in RegisterBlast. The TLC enters passwords for students on exam day, and students do not see the password being entered. You can view RegisterBlast to verify which students have scheduled and taken exams in the TLC. 

You must set the iLearn exam as available all day (beginning at 7 a.m.) for every day students are allowed to take it in the TLC.  Do not restrict the exam availability in iLearn to a specific time because the TLC does not facilitate testing at specific times. If you have students with extended time accommodations, be sure to extend the time in iLearn as appropriate.

If students cannot access or finish iLearn exams because you changed the password after submitting it in RegisterBlast, you restricted access in iLearn including specific times, you required Respondus Monitor webcam in iLearn, or you did not properly extend the iLearn time for accommodations:

  • The TLC emails you an irregularity report by the end of the day; duration between the incident and the emailed report depends on TLC testing traffic that day.
  • The TLC tells the student to contact their faculty about the issue, which may inform the faculty before they receive the irregularity report.
  • If you still want the student to test in the TLC, please fix the issue as soon as possible. The student will need to schedule again 24+ hours in advance. Email if that means the testing window in RegisterBlast needs to be extended. If you want the student to test sooner, you will need to find another testing venue.

Note: It is extremely disruptive to the TLC's procedures when students cannot properly access their iLearn exam.  Therefore, if your iLearn restrictions repeatedly prevent your students from accessing their iLearn exams, you will no longer be able to use the TLC for iLearn testing.

When you submit your exam information in RegisterBlast, you will list who can pick up your completed exams; you can list multiple people. You cannot list students (graduate or undergraduate) to pick up exams. The person picking up the exams must show a photo ID.

If you do not want to upload a copy of your paper exam in RegisterBlast, the physical copy must be delivered to the TLC the same day the information was submitted in RegisterBlast. The TLC must receive the exam before students can schedule to take it.

The AEC facilitates students' accommodations; the TLC only proctors exams.  Faculty must provide exams with increased font size and specify accommodations for calculators, class notes, and formula sheets in RegisterBlast when submitting exams. Students automatically receive the remaining accommodations the TLC can provide.

Please see the TLC Testing workflow for Tech students taking course exams with accommodations. If you need assistance with this workflow, please contact

TN eCampus faculty will submit exams through TN eCampus.

Contact or 931-372-6126 with questions.

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