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Bookstore Options

Faculty who are creating their own course materials from OERs should notify the bookstore what they are using. It's possible the bookstore can offer a low-cost printed version to students who want it in print. 

The bookstore has three main ways to help faculty reduce the cost of textbooks and course materials for students.

1.  When faculty use the bookstore's Adoption Insights to adopt textbooks, they can view affordability options. 

    • Go to Adoption Insights (BN AIP icon) from TechExpress 
    • Select your course for textbook adoption
    • Select "I'd like to be guided through the adoption process"
    • Select "View Affordability Solutions" 
    • The list contains OERs, courseware packages, and other options that cost less than traditional textbooks
    • NOTE: the student pricing may be for courseware package access, a print copy of an OER, or course access.  It's possible that an OER may be free online if students do not want a print copy. 

2.  OER+ offers courseware packages in various subjects with OERs 

    • $25 cost to students, which is much lower than many traditional textbooks
    • Comes with OER textbooks/course materials as well as instructional content like lecture slides, assessment, activities, curated videos, etc.
    • Materials are accessible
    • The course package operates on the vendor's site.  Faculty can link to it in iLearn for students to find and access
    • Content is highly customizable; faculty can only use select content or add their own content into the vendor's site
    • Faculty can track student performance
    • Content does not transfer to iLearn, so iLearn grades and other content must be managed manually

3.  XanEdu is a bookstore partner for creating custom course packets for students from licensed content and OERs.  The bookstore then makes these packets available for purchase in print at the bookstore at a lower price than traditional textbooks. 

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