STARs Application

STARs Application

What is a STAR?
Student Telecounselor Admissions Representatives are dedicated, enthusiastic students who enjoy sharing their personal positive experiences at TTU with prospective students and families over the phone. TTU Admissions is looking for undergraduate students who are relatable, personable, and comfortable making conversation on the phone. Involvement on campus and in the community is key.

New freshmen must have completed 2 semesters at TTU in order to work in the telecenter. Transfer students may be interviewed after one semester and will be considered on a case by case basis. Positions are typically filled at the beginning of each semester.

Fall/Spring - The telecenter is open 3:00-6:00 pm Monday-Friday. Students must work a minimum of 5 hours/week and no more than 2.5 hours/day for a maximum of 12.5 hours/week.

Summer - The telecenter is open 11:00-4:30 and students may work up to 2.5 hours in one sitting (you may clock out for a minimum of 15 minutes and return for a 2nd shift).

*Students set their own hours!