Marketing Toolkit



The Office of Communications & Marketing is providing two sets of publication templates as a tool to campus communicators as they prepare materials for their areas: the general University templates and the Change Your World Undergraduate Admissions Campaign. As part of the overall brand, these templates help ensure consistency and accuracy in use of the university's various campaigns. Please be sure to use the Change Your World recruitment templates only for undergraduate recruitment communication. You may use the general University templates for all other communication. If you have questions about how or when to use these templates, please contact

Each component, from posters to advertisements, represents Tennessee Tech. The size of the university requires us to make every effort to represent all of the university’s units clearly and consistently. Consistent use of the template system demonstrates to the viewers that each college, school, department or other unit respects and values its affiliation with Tennessee Tech.

Publications generated from the templates still must come through the Office of Communications & Marketing for review. Please find more information regarding this review process at "Publication Review."

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