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Arts technician Brenda Taylor of Tennessee Tech University's Photographic Services is a "do-everything person" whose job, in these days of digital technology, only barely resembles what she was hired to do, said co-worker and photographer John Lucas. "Brenda was hired as color printer," he said. "With the shift to digital work, her job has changed totally. She now prints all the digital work and is constantly learning new techniques to improve the look of the prints. We work many hours in Photo Services, and Brenda is always willing to come in during those long hours, including weekends. When the secretary is out, she handles those duties. When a photographer is out or we need a third hand, she steps in. It's hard to put into words how helpful Brenda has been to our office. No matter what the task, she is there to lend a helping hand, and this attitude is very much appreciated by us all." Ambassador nomination forms are available from TTU's Human Resource Services or by visiting