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Tennessee Tech University secretary Christy Huddleston is a tremendous resource to the Department of Chemical Engineering, said Associate Professor Donald Visco.

"To say that 'Christy Huddleston is the secretary in the Department of Chemical Engineering' would be to say that 'Peyton Manning is a football player,'" said Visco. "Just as Manning is so much more than your average football player, Christy is so much more than a secretary."

Visco credits Huddleston with much of the content of the department's revamped web site, as well as its maintenance, in addition to a new faculty display near the main office. And those are just two of the dozens of timesavers and contributions she's made to the department.

"Are there issues associated with on-campus scheduling of visiting faculty for our Seminar Series? Don't worry, Christy will handle all that," Visco said. "Are you looking to interview prospective faculty members, as we were last semester? Christy will handle all the arrangements and scheduling. Christy will know who to call and will take care of all the paperwork."

Huddleston has, said Visco, "singlehandedly freed up countless hours of faculty time so that they can devote their attention to the more important aspects of their job -- teaching and research. She is a very worthy candidate for the 'ambassador of the month.'" Ambassador nomination forms are available from Human Resource Services or by visiting TTU.