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College of Engineering celebrates E-Week with activities, banquet

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Students in the Tennessee Tech's College of Engineering will put their physical and intellectual talents to the test during E-Week Feb. 18-22.

Published Friday Feb 16, 2018

Students in the Tennessee Tech’s College of Engineering will put their physical and intellectual talents to the test during E-Week Feb. 18-22.

Held annually, E-Week is a competitive week of fun, food and games among Tech students majoring in chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, general and basic engineering, manufacturing and engineering technology, and mechanical engineering.

“Engineers Week is a time when here at Tech, and across the world we celebrate the advancements that engineers, technologists and computer scientists contribute to improving quality of life for our communities,” said Darrell Hoy, interim dean of the College of Engineering. “From improving manufacturing efficiency, to innovations in medical technology, to insuring that our bridges are safer and last longer, engineers are involved in making our world a better place.” 

Created in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers, E-Week is celebrated to mark the accomplishments of engineers and engineering students. The week coincides each year with George Washington’s birthday because the NSPE was inspired by Washington, who was long considered the nation’s first working engineer.

At Tech, E-Week is set up by the Engineering Joint Council, which serves as the bridge between the students and student organizations and the College of Engineering. The EJC organizes the competitions, hosts dinners and coordinates other events for engineering students throughout each semester while trying to promote cohesion and communication among departments.

“I enjoy E-Week because I get to see all the different engineering majors,” said Jacob Green, a chemical engineering major and treasurer of Tech’s Engineering Joint Council. “We get so confined in our own buildings and classes with our own majors we don’t get to see the other engineering majors and this is one way to do that.”

E-Week activities begin on Sunday with a scavenger hunt at Prescott Hall in the morning followed by the popular cardboard canoe races at the fitness center later that night. On Monday, the egg drop competition will be held at New South Hall followed by dodgeball at Memorial Gym. Tuesday’s events include the tug-of-war at Sherlock Park followed by the Quiz Bowl at Clement Hall. The final event will be the relay race on Wednesday. The week concludes on Thursday with an awards banquet at the Leslie Town Centre.

“My favorite event is the relay race,” said Green. “The officers got to come up with the questions and it tests our common knowledge when competing against each other.”

Points are awarded in each event for the winners and for participation. The points for the events, as well as those that come from the Mr. and Ms. Engineer coin competition and ticket sales from the banquet, will be tallied and the overall winner will be announced at the banquet.

The department with the highest point total will win the coveted “Best Darn Major Award” and take home the prized Choo Choo trophy while maintaining bragging rights for a year. Chemical Engineering is the defending champ for the past two years.

Tickets for the banquet are $5 for students — refunded at the door — and $15 non-refundable for faculty and staff. Student tickets must be purchased in each department office. Faculty, staff and alumni tickets may be purchased in Clement Hall 201, or by phoning (931) 372-3172.

For more information, go to https://www.tntech.edu/engineering/resources/engineers-week/.

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