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thumb Jackson_Burch_is_testing_solutions_for_electrolytesTennessee Tech University’s Millard Oakley STEM Center invites families with young learners to STEM Safari Saturday, My Food, My Body, My Health, from 9 a.m. to noon Dec. 7.

PreK through third graders and their families will learn what makes the human body work at interactive stations featuring human structure and function.

“It is a joy helping young minds discovers the answers to questions like: What is in my blood? How does my elbow work? What makes my heart beat? Why does my food taste that way? Does my body really have electricity in it? How much sugar is really in that beverage?” said Gail Gentry, Oakley STEM Center outreach coordinator. “We hope Upper Cumberland families will join us and our STEM volunteers as little learners answer these questions through hands-on, dynamic activities.”

“As always, we appreciate the college students, faculty and community volunteers for the knowledge and enthusiasm they share with the participants throughout each event. ”

The Safari Saturday is a flexible event, designed to allow families to come and go as schedules allow. Older siblings are welcome, but parents or guardians must remain with child/children at all times.

Reservations are strongly recommended to insure we have adequate supplies and volunteer staff. Admission is free. Participants may make reservations online through the MarketPlace store available at

In case of inclement weather, registered participants will be notified of cancellation via their provided email.

The Oakley STEM Center is located in TTU’s Ray Morris Hall at 155 W. 7th Street, the corner of 7th and Stadium Drive in Cookeville.

The Oakley STEM Center offers a variety of programs for learners of all ages. For more information visit or contact Jonathon Riggsbee at (931) 372-6573.