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The 2004 Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering, Jeffrey Keaton, is coming to Tennessee Tech University on Wednesday, Sept. 15, at 3 p.m. in Kittrell Hall, Room 204.

From Anaheim, Calif., Keaton, vice president and principal engineering geologist with AMEC Earth & Environmental, will discuss engineering geology mapping in the information technology age. The 2004 Jahns lecture is based on Keaton’s interest in documenting, interpreting and communicating engineering geology data since his early years in consulting practice.

Keaton specializes in quantifying hazardous natural processes for use in design and risk analysis. He has written numerous articles regarding engineering geology mapping, debris flows, landslides, collapsible soils, subsidence, fault rupture, earthquake-induced liquefaction, earthquake ground motion, and case histories. As an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Utah, he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in applied geomorphology and urban natural hazards.

Keaton is also a registered professional geologist in several states including California, Utah, Alaska and Arizona. He has worked for consulting engineering firms throughout his 33-year career.

The GSA Engineering Geology Division and the Association of Engineering Geologists jointly established the Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lectureship in 1988 to commemorate Jahns and to promote student awareness of engineering geology through a series of lectures offered at various locations throughout the year. Richard H. Jahns was an engineering geologist who had a diverse career in academia, consulting and government.

This event is free to the general public and everyone is invited. For more information, contact Earth Sciences professor Wayne Leimer at (931) 372-3522.