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Published: Tue Dec 2, 2008

Four clerical and support staff members — Delia Ann Davis, Denise Hensley, Vickie Mayberry and William (Bill) Trobaugh — recently received recognition for their skills, attitude and dedication to the university.

As the recipients of the 2008 Outstanding Staff Awards, each received praise from colleagues, supervisors and students.

The Outstanding Staff Awards program was established in 1989 to show appreciation to our most outstanding clerical and support staff. Awards are based on job performance, attitude toward work and the university, attendance and perseverance, professional development and suggestions for improvement.

Delia Ann Davis
Although she works as a library assistant in the public services division of the Volpe Library and Media Center, Delia Ann Davis is also adept at covering the “extras.”

She also serves as a back-up supervisor of the circulation department, a responsibility that turned into an extended, four-month requirement when the regular daytime supervisor recently resigned.

And Davis volunteers time to cover the reference desk, a duty that requires knowing the facility’s physical and electronic collections and being able to assist both students and faculty in their research needs.

“From her first day in this position, [she] has applied herself to learning everything necessary to accomplish work of excellent quality,” said Deanna Nipp-Kientz, coordinator of public services at the Volpe Library and Media Center.

In addition to filling her share of responsibilities, Davis “has exemplary relationships” with other library employees, Kientz said. “She is approachable for those who have questions. She is responsive to those who have requests.”

Sonya Bowman, head of interlibrary loan, said Davis began working at the library as a student worker before obtaining a fulltime position and has always been “flexible and easy to get along with and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the library in operation.”

Davis has continued her education throughout her employment and will soon earn her master’s degree in information science. “She uses her evenings to pursue this very demanding degree program and coursework,” said David Hajdik, assistant professor and reference librarian. “As a graduate of the same program, I know firsthand how demanding [it] is, especially while juggling a fulltime job and family responsibilities.”

Denise Hensley
As a supervisor in Student Records and Registration, Denise Hensley is outstanding in her accuracy, authoritative in her knowledge and unfailing in her courteous service to all customers, said David Hume of TTU’s computer science department.

“Her knowledge of past and present catalog requirements and graduation procedures is outstanding, and the quality and reliability of her work is the highest,” he said.

“In the face of constant requests, she is always courteous and yet precisely informative. She gets things done quickly, goes out of her way to offer suggestions on behalf of students and spends long hours performing a vital function for the university,” Hume continued.

Jerri Winningham, interim director of Records at TTU agreed. “I think she has a good attitude toward her work and the university.”

Not only do her job duties often require her to work hours beyond the regular workday, but the campus-wide transition from one computer software system to another has meant even more hours of work for her, Winningham continued.

In spite of her duties and workload, however, Hensley is responsible with her resources. “When she is out of the office, it is for a good reason,” Winningham said.

According to Roy Loutzenheiser, TTU’s associate dean for basic engineering, recruiting and retention, not only is she helpful to students who need her knowledge, but she is also tactful with those who have not met their expected graduation requirements. “One of her gifts is knowing how to work with a student (and parents) who has just been told that he or she will not be graduating this semester — some get very hostile,” he said.

Vickie Mayberry
As a secretary III in TTU’s mathematics department, Vickie Mayberry’s strong work ethic is complemented by her professionalism, said Chairman Allan Mills.

“In addition to being a diligent worker who does high quality work, Vickie has a pleasant personality and gets along well with the faculty, staff and students of the department,” he said.

“During her years of service to the department, she has been an informal mentor for many of our mathematics majors and student workers… This ability to relate to students is important since the department of mathematics secretaries field questions and complaints from students in a variety of majors,” Mills said.

Professor Rafal Ablamowicz said her work above and beyond the call of duty once helped him to successfully organize “a major international mathematics conference.” She was responsible for all financial matters for the conference, he said, including registration records for more than 180 participants and financial support totaling more than $54,000.

Secretary II Patsy Peavyhouse said, “She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and is an outstanding ambassador for the university. Numerous students pass through the doors of our department, especially during registration periods, and Vickie always has time to give them a helping hand.”

Peavyhouse describes Mayberry as “a problem-solver” with contagious enthusiasm. “Her knowledge of her job and university procedures and policies is admirable. [She] always knows who to call and how to handle any situation.”

Mills agreed. “Vickie’s upbeat attitude, ability to learn new skills and professionalism make her an excellent secretary. Without her our department would not operate nearly as well as it does.”

William (Bill) Trobaugh
“You just can’t not like Bill Trobaugh.” That’s what TTU electrical shop supervisor Eddie Frizzell — and many other Facilities employees — said about the cabinetmaker who retired from the university in June.

They teamed up, along with cabinetmaker Kevin Edwards, to nominate him for the Outstanding Support Staff Award upon his retirement in order to recognize his many years of service to the university.

“Bill Trobaugh is a true craftsman and is good at whatever he does, whether it be framing, trim work, cabinet building or wood working of any kind,” Frizzell said.

TTU carpentry shop supervisor Deloy Webb agreed. “While at the university, Bill continued to learn and perfect his craft. For example, he attended the International Wood Working Show in Atlanta and the Southeast Wood Working Show in Nashville.

“He could always be counted on to do what was required to get the job done. No job was ever too small or too large for Bill, and he always finished his work in a timely manner. The quality of his work was very professional. I was always happy to show his work to the customer,” Webb continued.

“Bill was very well liked by all his fellow workers, as well as anyone else on campus who knew him,” he said. “We all miss him and wish him well in the future.”

Frizzell said, “I know TTU and the community at-large is better off because of him, and I feel very honored to call Bill my friend.”