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Free event to teach kids about chemistry of space

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Cookeville Mayor Ricky Shelton has proclaimed Oct. 21-27 as Chemistry Week in Cookeville in conjunction with National Chemistry Week, a program of the American Chemical Society. Pictured with the mayor are Tennessee Tech chemistry majors and officers in the Tech chapter of the Student Members of the American Chemical Society including (from left) Abigail Rossi, Jonah Ralston, Jacob Scantland and Lilly Pipkin.

Published Thursday Oct 18, 2018

Students from Tennessee Tech’s chemistry department want to help kids learn about the chemistry of space.

“Chemistry is Out of This World!” — a public event tailored for kids of all ages — is Monday, Oct. 22, 5 – 8 p.m. in the Roaden University Center Multipurpose Room.

Student Members of the American Chemical Society will showcase the chemistry of space through hands-on demonstrations and activities. Children will be able to make space-related crafts, including space slime and galaxy color swirls. Other activities include bubble rockets and edible space molecules, among other demonstrations.

This event is part of National Chemistry Week, a program of the American Chemical Society. The mission of the week is to reach the public, particularly elementary and secondary school children, with positive messages about chemistry.

There are two other public events scheduled for the week: a webinar about the chemistry needed to make a mission to Mars possible, and a lecture about Green Chemistry.

Voyage to Mars: Red Planet Chemistry webinar, Tuesday, Oct. 23, 5:45 – 7 p.m., Foster Hall 233

A panel of experts will share what is known about Mars and the steps that need to be taken to safely send people to walk on its surface. The challenges of long-term space travel and the materials, biochemistry and astrochemistry that will help make the mission possible will be presented.

Green Chemistry Lecture, Thursday, Oct. 25, 6 – 7 p.m., Foster Hall 233

What is Green Chemistry and how does it differ from environmental chemistry? The history and the 12 principles of Green Chemistry will be covered, as well as examples of how Green Chemistry is used to improve current chemical practices and industry.

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