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More than 30 of the state's most academically talented high school 10th and 11th graders will arrive at Tennessee Tech University this weekend for the first Governor's School for Information Technology Leadership.

Last year the university hosted a President's School, modeled after other state Governor's Schools and fully funded by private donations, as a predecessor to this year's month-long program that will offer academic training, professional mentoring and practical experience in technology related businesses.

"We've identified students whose interests in information technology and business make them eligible to learn how to operate a business effectively," said Governor's School director Curtis Armstrong. "It's our vision that some groups will eventually turn the plans created here into viable, profitable businesses."

This year the state provided funding to make Tennessee Tech's Governor's School the eighth school in the program that offers summer enrichment in different subjects for rising juniors and seniors.

Projects at TTU's Governor's School will include developing a viable product or service, identifying the target market, designing a marketing plan, developing the needed technology to support the business, and determining the budget and needed capital.
Participants will also be able to choose several electives to fit their interests, including entrepreneurship, software applications, IT security and recovery, law and conflict resolution.

"There's no more appropriate home than our campus for a program that emphasizes information technology and business leadership," said TTU President Bob Bell.

The participants, chosen from 100 applicants across the state, were nominated by their high school guidance counselors and teachers. All applicants are expected to be in the top 10 percent of their classes and display that they are mature, curious, and inquisitive, with the ability to analyze and learn rapidly. A sense of humor is even part of the criteria.

The Governor's School provides full scholarships to cover tuition, housing, meals and activities for the participants. For more information, call 372-3175 or visit