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Tennessee Tech University Residential Life custodian Joyce Sims keeps a close relationship with the students of White Hall, said one of those residents, S. Cody Tipton. "Joyce not only works to keep the dorms clean, she helps take care of the residents," said Tipton. "She constantly has a smile on her face and always has something cheerful to say as you pass her by. She works to keep up with who lives in what room and has an idea of when they normally come and go. If someone breaks his or her routine, she shows concern and asks around to make sure he or she is all right. Working in the residence halls for more than 20 years must be a good way to develop a sense of humor, too. Even when people in the halls do crazy things, such as covering the bathroom in cookie dough, she simply laughs it off and starts cleaning it up, something I could not do," says Tipton. "She deserves to be recognized for her faithful service." Ambassador nomination forms are available from TTU’s Human Resource Services or by visiting