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"Every day's a holiday, and every meal's a banquet" to Tennessee Tech University's Student Activities Director Mark Ochsenbein. It's that enthusiasm that prompted TTU President Bob Bell to nominate him.

"Mark is a friendly and caring individual who is always willing to help out where there is a need on campus," said Bell. "He's consistently thinking of ways to improve the quality of life for our students, and he's found numerous ways to improve the services offered in his area, while still being cognizant of our budget constraints.

"When he is asked to do something, you can be sure his reply will be that he is happy to be of help, no matter what the task. His enthusiasm for his work and his clear focus on serving others are hallmarks of his style," added Bell. "This positive outlook makes him an outstanding ambassador for the university."

Ambassador nomination forms are available from TTU's Human Resource Services or by visiting