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thumb PDWCompetition among college graduates for that first job is fierce, especially in today’s still-recovering economy. Students at Tennessee Tech University can get an edge on the competition during Professional Development Week March 18-22.

Featuring a variety of discussions and panels, students from all academic disciplines will be able to talk to professionals about how to impress a job recruiter, build a professional social media presence and, above all, land that first job.

“There’s not any major or any college on campus who can’t benefit from these kinds of sessions and conversations. Just having the talent is not enough,” said Amy Jo Carpenter, manager of the TTU College of Business Student to Career Program, which is sponsoring the events. “All these things are universal, but they aren’t things you are born knowing.”

“This is someone to guide you, who is standing right there and talking to you,” she said.

During the week, the College of Business will hold eight workshops for any TTU student and a career fair and etiquette dinner for business students. The workshops include a talk by Julie Bauke, career strategist and founder of The Bauke Group’s Career Happy Nation series, a session about networking, a panel about starting a career with recent College of Business alumni and sessions about the business of running a ministry and a non-profit organization. For accounting students, a recent alumnus will return to talk about how he used his accounting knowledge to become a CPA.

Business students must register for their sessions because attendance is mandatory to pass into upper division courses.

The sessions may lead to mentorships and more advice after Professional Development Week.

“Our speakers all the time will come in and say ‘Let’s have lunch,’ or ‘When your resume is done, send it to me so I can help you with it,’” said senior marketing major Casey Scarlett, of Crossville. “They want to help. It’s like having a big brother or sister.”

Go here for more information and a complete calendar of events.