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More alumni than ever gave donations to Tennessee Tech University during the past fiscal year.

A total of 5,238 alumni gifts helped achieve a total of $4.2 million for the university, one of the highest ever for cash gifts.

“It’s the first year we’ve ever had more than 5,000 gifts, and this resulted in our highest percentage of alumni donors ever,” said Kristie Phillips, director of annual programs for University Development.

“Our alumni realize the funding challenges facing the university, but they are determined to help it continue to be a great institution,” she continued.

This year, there were donations from 13.52 percent of alumni. “That may not sound like a very high percentage, but the national average of alumni giving for public institutions is only around 11 percent. So TTU is actually performing above average in that respect,” Phillips said.

In fact, the university’s performance this year is 24 percent better than last year, with an increase in gifts of 1,021.

“The university works hard to stay in touch with its alumni and keep them informed about campus events and activities, and a performance like this indicates to me that our efforts are being recognized,” Phillips said.

“One factor in achieving these results is the exceptionally accurate database maintained by our Gifts, Records and Stewardship Center staff and their ability to find lost alumni,” she added.

And beginning on Monday, July 19, alumni will have another option for giving to the university when TTU begins accepting donations online.

For more information about alumni giving, call University Development at 931/372-6554.