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The Tennessee Tech University School of Agriculture recently named Kevin Brown its Distinguished Alumnus for 2010-2011.

Brown currently serves as State Conservationist for the state of Tennessee with National Resource Conservation Service. NRSC is a federal agency under the U.S. Department of Agriculture that oversees the conservation of our natural resources and advises land owners on methods of reduced soil erosion, wildlife conservation, and optimizing farm profitability while enhancing and improving natural resources.

"I am deeply moved by this award and am very proud to be a recipient. I know most of the past winners, and to be included in this group is a great personal honor for me," Brown said.

Brown previously served in a variety of position for NRCS in Washington D.C., including being deputy chief for management, director of the financial assistance programs, and director of easement programs division.

Brown received a bachelor of science in agricultural sciences and engineering from TTU in 1977. He was presented the 2009 Outstanding Alumnus Award for the College of Agricultural and Human Sciences.