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TTU'S SEPTEMBER AMBASSADOR OF THE MONTH — What's worse than finals? The finals before graduation. That's when Tennessee Tech University student Andrea Figg most needed help, and when TTU graduation analyst Sherry Ligon jumped in to save the day. "Mrs. Ligon went above and beyond to help out," said Figg. "She made phone calls in order to help process my troubles, would always call back when she said she would and, most importantly, she sincerely cared. Any staff member willing to help a stressed-out student on a late Friday afternoon deserves recognition, but to meet someone who truly cares made me feel wonderful. "Needless to say, I walked across the stage, thanks to Mrs. Ligon. She brought back the 'at-home' feeling Tech has. I can gladly say I'm proud to be an alumnus of Tech and most proud of Mrs. Ligon. She is a wonderful lady and should be recognized for her many years of helpful dedication." Ambassador nomination forms are available from TTU Human Resource Services or by visiting