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In a generation where the United States has the potential to elect its first female President, women like Susan Estrich have paved the way for that possibility.

Estrich comes to Tennessee Tech University on April 10 for a guest lecture entitled, “Sex and Power: Women, Men, Sexism and the Future.”

Scheduled for 7 p.m. in Derryberry Auditorium, Estrich will share her experiences and expertise in rising to the upper echelon of power and how women will make a difference in the future.

A law professor at the University of Southern California, Estrich is also a nationally syndicated columnist whose work appears weekly in the Washington Post, the Boston Herald and the Houston Chronicle.

She has served as a senior advisor on four presidential campaigns and is a former Supreme Court law clerk. In addition to experience, she brings passion, honesty and humor to her speaking platform.

The first female president of the Harvard Law Review and the youngest woman to be tenured at Harvard Law School, Estrich says she believes “the world would be a better place if more women were running it, and so long as that is true, then ambition in women should be celebrated as gift to all of us.”

A Center Stage event, the lecture will be free and open to the public.