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Tennessee Tech University officials thanked members of the Bank of Putnam County for its long-time support with an appreciation luncheon hosted by TTU President Bob Bell and first lady Gloria Bell.

Bell, who also presented bank officers with a plaque in recognition of its contributions to the university, said the bank exemplifies many of the characteristics the university strives to develop in its students.

“The Bank of Putnam County sets an important example for our community,” Bell said. “The support it has shown for TTU and many other deserving programs throughout our region represent a recognition of values, hard work and dedication. I appreciate that support, and I know our students do, too.”

Most recently, BPC helped fund the School of Nursing scholarship banquet, allowing students to attend free of charge. BPC support has consistently assisted student-oriented programs throughout the years.

“Tennessee Tech and the School of Nursing represent our future,” said Gene Hooper, retired president and BPC consultant. “It’s unbelievable to see a program that began such a relatively short time ago has developed so strongly and will have such a wide-reaching impact on our community so many years from now.

“Our past and our future are tied to Tennessee Tech,” he added, noting that the bank employs many TTU graduates.