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Tennessee Tech University music education has teamed up with Collegiate-MENC Chapter 105 to bring music to Cookeville area public schools.

Live presentations and demonstrations have local school children seeing music in an entirely different light. Performances by talented TTU music education students are teaching kids that education exceeds the bounds of math and English.

Parkview Elementary, Northeast Elementary, Baxter Elementary and Cumberland Early Scholars Academy have so far participated in the program, which organizers say they plan to continue.

The series has included a variety of instrumental performances, including trumpets, high and low brass and woodwinds. The instruments have given the college musicians a leg up on providing quality entertainment and education to the school kids.

“When he played the trumpets, he was good!” said one young student, Mason Harville.

The classroom series has area teachers looking fondly on such student excitement, too.

Kristen Duncan, a music specialist at Northeast Elementary, says, “They were fantastic! My kids loved them. Anytime the children can see the instruments up close and personal, it leaves a positive image in their minds, and it will be something they will always remember.”

Collegiate participants of the program are among TTU’s best musicians. Ben Altom and Michael Butler created the sounds of the trumpet at Parkview Elementary. John Pippen and Nathan Hickman gave students an example of high brass music at Baxter Elementary. Jesse Chavez, Josh Rose, and Clint Isbill demonstrated low brass at Cumberland Early Scholars Academy. And woodwinds took center stage at Northeast Elementary with performances from Lori Sexton, Lisa Keleman, and Gena Suggs.

Future sessions are already in the works for the spring semester, including a collaboration between TTU’s music and art programs for a multimedia presentation of Peter and The Wolf.

For more information about the classroom music series, contact Anne Marie Lane at 372-3625 or e-mail her at