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thumb CrossWCare-GirlsTennessee Tech University students this year took safety into their own hands this year by urging classmates to “Cross with Care.”

TTU public relations students organized an event and to spread awareness about pedestrian safety when crossing the streets that cut through campus. They set up stations during high-traffic times at some of the most frequently used crosswalks on campus, then urged fellow students to look both ways and use crosswalks. Those who followed their instructions received fluorescent green T-shirts and loud encouragement and cheers.

“Students chose to tackle campus pedestrian safety,” said Brenda Wilson, assistant journalism professor. “One class researched and developed a plan for educating the campus about crosswalk safety, and another took that plan and implemented it.”

Approximately 500 shirts were distributed, and Awesome Eagle made appearances at the stations and snack stand to encourage pedestrian safety.

“I am proud of the work the class did this year,” Wilson said. “I’ve already been approached about possibly having students work on campus bicycle safety next.”