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A group of Tennessee Tech University resident assistants are urging students to prepare for the “zombie apocalypse. “

While getting ready for the zombie attacks, the RAs hope TTU students will learn evacuation routes, put together emergency kits and sign up for the text message emergency alert system.

“People seem to like zombies; they are a universal pop culture symbol that may help spread awareness,” said Dylan Karr, a member of the RA educational committee, which is sponsoring the zombie awareness campaign. “Someone may make an emergency kit out of fear of zombies or the zombie coolness factor, but then they’ll be prepared.”

The idea came to the group of about a dozen students after they saw a similar campaign sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Though Karr said the group is not worried about a zombie threat, they hope zombie trends in pop culture will make students aware of real threats, like tornadoes, snow and ice storms.

“I’m not that scared, personally, of a zombie attack, but you never know what’s going to happen and you should always be prepared,” said the sophomore computer science major. “We just want to educate residents about whatever we can.”

The committee will put up posters outlining steps students should take to prepare for disasters and air public service announcements on WTTU. Other students are working to stage a game of Humans vs. Zombies, a complex game of tag that has been spreading among college campuses for the past six years.

There are limits to the awareness campaign, according to Karr, who is an RA in the Service Station learning village, housed in New Hall South.

“Unlike a real zombie apocalypse, we strongly advise not putting weapons in your survival kit,” he said. “Guns and other devices won’t do much against zombies and weapons aren’t allowed in residence halls.”