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Kim Ochsenbein, assistant director of Disability Services and adjunct instructor for Tennessee Tech University, has been elected president of the Tennessee Association on Higher Education and Disability. TNAHEAD is the professional organization for postsecondary disability providers and higher education administrators.

The statewide TNAHEAD conference was April 17-19 at TTU.

Ochsenbein previously served terms as education chair and president-elect for the organization and has represented Tennessee at national and state AHEAD-affiliated conferences.

The highlight of the Cookeville event was Tennessee Tech’s opportunity to host disability professionals from across the state as well as national speakers and noteworthy disability experts, according to Ochsenbein

“It really was amazing to hear Dan Goldstein discuss landmark cases such as the Amazon Kindle case and the recent Penn State/OCR resolution,” she said. “Technology has brought us a long way toward accessibility, but it has also brought us greater awareness of civil rights issues.”

Ochsenbein has experience working in university and community college settings and experience in mental health and prison settings. She has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities. She is completing her doctoral dissertation and holds two master's degrees in curriculum and instruction, and educational psychology and three undergraduate degrees in social work, law enforcement and juvenile justice. Her dissertation research focus is higher education access as related to disabilities and veterans' services.

Ochsenbein has served as a transition workshop leader and trainer for grant-related workshops sponsored by the Tennessee Board of Regents and Tennessee Workforce Development.

The Tennessee Association for Higher Education and Disability consists of 180 professionals from public and private postsecondary institutions in Tennessee. Currently, 55 postsecondary institutions hold membership in the TNAHEAD organization, including representatives from the TBR, TTU, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Vanderbilt, Belmont, and other universities, community colleges and technology centers.

Tennessee Tech has had two state TNAHEAD presidents: Ochsenbein and Chester Goad, director of Disability Services and organization president in 2011-2012. Both are involved in the international organization.

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