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Veteran, sexual assault survivor to speak Oct. 5

U.S. Coast Guard veteran, military sexual assault survivor and survivor advocate Kori Cioca will speak in Tennessee Tech University’s Derryberry Hall Auditorium Thursday, Oct. 5 at 5:30 p.m.

Cioca speaks at military bases and events around the country as an advocate for survivors of military sexual assault following her own traumatic experience.

Her story was featured in the documentary “The Invisible War,” which sought to expose military sex crimes and the fight of survivors seeking justice. The film was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 85th Academy Awards and was a Sundance Audience Award winner.

“I am sad to have been a victim, but fortunate to consider myself a survivor of our military’s invisible war,” Cioca said.

In 2012, Newsweek magazine named Cioca one of the world’s “150 Most Fearless Women” and she was one of 50 women to make MORE Magazine’s Fierce List. In 2014, she received an Outstanding Hero of the Year Award from the American Red Cross.

“Kori’s story, while painful, is one of strength, resilience, and the struggle for justice,” said Diana Lalani of Tennessee Tech’s campus Women’s Center. “My father was a career Army officer, so I know and respect the commitment and integrity of our men and women in uniform. We can all be proud and inspired by the courageous actions of individuals like Kori who have insisted on telling the truth and calling for change.”

This is a Center Stage event made possible by the university’s general education fund. It is free and open to the public.

Derryberry Hall is located at 1 William L. Jones Drive, Cookeville.