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First-Year Career Readiness

You are halfway through the Spring 2020 semester, so you may think that Career Readiness doesn’t apply to you. However, it’s a great idea to begin thinking about and planning for your future now! The Center for Career Development has multiple resources that can provide you with important and applicable information to help you prepare for internships, co-ops, and your future career. Here are a few things to consider doing this year:

  • Join Handshake! This is Tennessee Tech’s part-time, co-op, internship, fellowship and full-time job gateway for all majors. Set up your account and build your profile at www.
  • Explore careers! Are you on the fence with your current major? Or are you wondering what careers interest you most? Utilize the TypeFocus career development program to assess your personality, interests and values to help you explore different careers! (
  • Attend preparatory workshops. The Center for Career Development holds various workshops throughout each semester covering different topics that focus specifically on building confidence and gaining necessary information to prepare you for internship, co-op and jobs. They also have Career Readiness Certifications, which will ensure that you build quality skills to help you in the future. 

Make sure to check out the Center for Career Development’s website for online resources, tools and tutorials. There are plenty of great video tutorials to help get you started while you are away from campus! (

  • Visit a career fair. Although nerve-wracking, career fairs can provide limitless opportunities for you when it comes to networking. You are able to build connections with employers from different companies and possibly get job offers from these events. Start networking in your early years, so when you’re ready and looking for a job, you’ll already have those outlets and professional connections. The next career fair will be during the fall semester, so make plans to attend! (
  • Join a service or leadership organization! These organizations will help you build those necessary competencies that will assist you in landing your dream job. Learn how to lead your peers and how to take direction from others. Start looking in your major for opportunities or explore other leadership building organizations on campus from the Student Engagement website (

Need more information? Or want one-on-one help? Visit the Center for Career Development in Roaden University Center 328 during walk-in hours (1-4 p.m.) or make an appointment through Handshake!

Center for Career Development