First Generation Students

While there are some consistencies in the college transition process for many students, we also know that not every student's transition is exactly the same, especially for first-generation students. We know that as a first-generation student, you may have a few different challenges than your new peers. 

We've compiled some tips and resources that we hope will be helpful as you navigate your transition to becoming a Golden Eagle. 


What is a First-Generation Student?

A first-generation student is defined as any student who is the first in their family to attend college.

Common Challenges of First-Generation Students

  • Lack of college adjustment and/or support from family
  • Lack of preparation in how to navigate the college experience and resources
  • Guilt for leaving family behind to attend college
  • Less informed about financial aid
  • Lack of knowledge about college "jargon" and terms


Tips & Resources for First-Generation Students


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