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Freshman Orientation (SOAR)


The one-day SOAR sessions allow first-year freshmen and guests a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with Tennessee Tech's campus, faculty, staff and students. During your time on campus, you will meet with representatives from Tech’s Financial Aid, Bursar (Business Office), and Scholarship offices to discuss tuition and fees. Also, our informational sessions hosted throughout the program allow you to learn more about student life, college finances, academic information (including registering for the Fall semester), and other campus resources.

Below is a brief outline of a SOAR session for students and their guest(s). Attendees will receive a detailed itinerary at check-in. Please Note: All times are Central.


IMPORTANT: When planning to attend SOAR, it is important for all attendees to select a session in which they are capable of attending the entire program. (all events/times are subject to change)


Sample Agenda

  • SOAR Check-In begins at 10:00 am central time
  • Welcome Meeting
  • Educational/Informational Sessions
  • Academic Sessions
  • Dinner
  • Evening meetings and activities

All SOAR attendees should plan to be here until 7:30 pm central time. Academic department session times vary, so we ask students and guests to plan accordingly.

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