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Doctor of Nursing Practice
General Information about the TTU/ETSU Joint-DNP Program

Spring and Fall 2018 Applications for BSN-DNP and MSN-DNP are now being accepted.

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The Whitson-Hester School of Nursing in partnership with East Tennessee State University's College of Nursing has begun offering our joint DNP program in the 2017-2018 academic year.

BSN to DNP and MSN to DNP programs of study with full-time and part-time options are available.

Specialty concentrations offered through TTU will be:

Specialty concentrations offered through ETSU will be:

MSN Degree Plans for All Concentrations

MSN-DNP Full Time 

MSN-DNP Part Time

Students at either university can pursue any of these concentrations through this joint degree program.

Tuition and Fees

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Graduate Catalog

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For more information, please contact  Dr. Bedelia Russell or Ben Clark.