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Regents Online Degree Program Guide

This page is intended as a brief guide you in applying, entering, and completing the MSN-RODP program. All policies for the program can be found on the RODP web site.

Those interested in applying should either be a Tennessee resident or should first check the State Authorization for Online Degree Programs to make sure that you are eligible to apply.

  • Before applying, review our FAQ for the RODP Program so that you know what to expect.
  • Apply for the MSN-RODP program through the RODP web site here. Choose your concentration of study and your home school.
  • Complete all RODP requirements to be accepted into the MSN-RODP program.
  • Wait for an acceptance letter from RODP. If your choice of home schools was TTU and RODP approved your choice, apply for graduate admission at TTU.
    If you have questions, your contact at TTU is Ben Clark, Academic Advisor for the Whitson-Hester School of Nursing, at (931) 372-3229 or Dr. Kimberly Hanna, Associate Professor for the Whitson-Hester School of Nursing at (931) 372-3213.
  • To view details of the MSN-RODP program, visit the MSN-RODP website and click on the concentration you're interested in. This page will show you a list of classes you’ll take for your particular concentration. For a detailed syllabus of each class, click on the class number link.
  • Keep track of all important dates by visiting the calendar on TTU's home webpage.

  • Whenever possible, be advised and get registered during early course selection times. Since you probably live outside the Cookeville area, we won’t require you to visit campus for advisement and registration. Send an e-mail to Ben Clark with the classes you want to take the next semester, and he will e-mail your Alternate PIN to you. If you’re doing early course selection during the Spring semester, make sure you specify which classes you want to take Summer semester and which classes you want to take Fall semester... you can register for both of these semesters at the same time.
  • Pay your fees by the appropriate date on the calendar. You may do this by check or credit card through your Eagle Online account.
  • Check your TTU e-mail account frequently. This will be the method of communication used to send you information. To find out your TTU e-mail address, look in your Eagle Online account under Personal Information. For directions on setting up your password, getting into iLearn to do your online classes, or to find any other information concerning computing at TTU, visit ITS
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  • Before you complete 15 semester hours, visit the Graduate Studies web site and print out an Application for Candidacy and Proposed Program of Study for your particular concentration. Fill out the required areas and forward to your academic advisor.
  • Each concentration has a coordinator that can assist you with your clinical placements. One or two semesters before you anticipate beginning clinicals, get in touch with your concentration's coordinator. Review the Clinical Procedures and check your concentration page on the RODP Nursing website for details regarding contacting your coordinator.