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The Tennessee Tech digital signage network is strategically located across campus to promote announcements, news, student activities, campus community-generated content and events, as well as critical updates such as emergency information and weather advisories. The network consists of 90+ display devices, typically a wall mounted LCD screen, that can vary in orientation and size and whether it is a static or interactive sign.

The signage on campus is overseen by two departments, Information Technology Services (ITS) and The Office of Communication and Marketing (OCM). ITS manages the set-up and hardware. OCM oversees the content manager training, signage content (which includes templates), permissions and content approvals.

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  • Getting Digital Signage For Your Area

    Getting Started

    Initial Meeting

    If your department is interested in learning more about the digital sign platform and what it might do for you, please set up a meeting with Communications & Marketing. You can do so by contacting us here. During this meeting, we would discuss needs for a sign, possible content, location, and who will be managing it.

    Requesting a Sign

    To request a sign, you'll need to speak with your ITS Tier 2 Representative. A meeting will be set up to discuss what type of sign you'll be wanting (static vs interactive), size of the screen, and location. The process is simple and straight forward. ITS will inform you of all costs involved. Once setup, we can move on to the next step, creating content.

    Creating Content

    Once the screen is installed, OCM will then set up the sign's template for you to edit. The manager's will be trained on Reach's content manager. This software will allow you more control over your content and the ability to schedule it.

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  • Request Access to a Current Sign


  • Digital Signage Resources

    Creating Content For Your Sign

    By default, all signs will start out with a three region template. Use the following dimensions when creating your content to best fit the signs template, or download one of our PowerPoint templates.

    Horizontal Screens
    1920w x 900h pixels at 92 PPI (JPG, PNG, PDF)
    26.67w x 12.5h inches (PowerPoint)
    Download Horizontal PowerPoint Template

    Vertical Screens
    1080w x 1740h pixels at 92 PPI (JPG, PNG, PDF)
    14.99w x 24.17h inches (PowerPoint)
    Download Vertical PowerPoint Template

    A few additional design tips:

    • Use minimal copy to effectively communicate your message or event (address "what, where, and when")
    • Include a website URL, phone number, and/or email address
    • Visit OCM's marketing toolkit for logo usage, and other design details related to Tech's branding
    • If you are ready to switch from the default three region to another, please let OCM know. We'd be happy to help out.

Submitting Content to Campus Wide Signage

Content can be submitted to the Office of Communications and Marketing to be reviewed and distributed to all sign mangers on campus. This is the best way to get your university related messaging out to all sign managers. To submit content for review, use the button below.

Submit Content For Digital Signage

Signing into Reach CM

When using Reach, you must sign into the following link. You'll be directed to the 365 login screen. If you see a Reach branded login screen, please return to the link below.


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