Communications & Marketing

Trademarks and Licensing

Logo Usage Policy

All logos, seals, names, symbols, and slogans associated with the University are trademarks registered with both the state and federal government and are the exclusive property of Tennessee Technological University. Reproduction of these marks for resale, or other commercial purposes, must have University authorization. The Office of Communications & Marketing is responsible for protecting the use of University trademarks and for licensing commercial use of these marks.

TTU operates a licensing contract through Licensing Resource Group (LRG). In order to produce products bearing the logos, names, symbols, marks and slogans of Tennessee Tech University, manufacturers must register through LRG and carry a license. Information on becoming a licensed vendor is available at

Campus offices that plan to produce or purchase items bearing the university's name/wordmark/logo/etc. must use a licensed vendor. A list of licensed vendors and the products they produce is available for download  (PDF).

What is Commercial Use (Non-exempt)?

Items for resale: Selling products (such as cups, sweatshirts, balloons, boxer shorts, etc.) bearing University trademarks,

  • Sales to campus and private retailers
  • Sales to individual customers
  • Sales at University sporting events
  • Sales on campus by student groups with vending permits
  • Sales for fund-raising projects

Promotional Use: Items which bear the trademarks of the University and those of a commercial business, such as a restaurant, which are either sold or given away are promotional and are considered commercial.

What Activities Are Exempt From Licensing?

In-house use of trademarks: University and registered student organizations, as defined by the University (i.e., official student organizations) may use trademarks of the University for "in-house" purposes such as on stationery, posters, signs, and banners dealing with the on-campus activities of the organization, provided such use reflects positively on the University and the logos are reproduced accurately and consistent with University policy. All artwork MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE by the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Sales restricted to campus events: Official student organizations may sell or give away products (such as T-shirts) bearing the marks of the University combined with the names and logos of their organization or activity IF such merchandise relates directly to an on-campus activity sponsored by that organization and IF they comply with the university's logo usage guidelines. Examples of such projects include:

  • Parents Night 2009, Tennessee Tech University
  • Floor X, Your Hall Golden Eagles, Tennessee Tech University
  • Greek Week, 2009, Tennessee Tech University

What Do You Need To Do?

The licensing office must grant approval to all outside vendors using the trademarks of the University even if they are producing it for a University affiliated group. If your organization is involved in any of the activities deemed to be commercial, the vendor from which you purchase merchandise must be licensed if at all possible. If your project falls in the exempt category, we must issue a waiver to your organization and the vendor. All artwork to be used or produced MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE. For additional information, please contact the Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing.

Exemptions Waiver Submission

For those items which fall in the "Exempt" category, a form must be completed, signed and submitted to the vendor with approved artwork.

Complete and print this form. An original signature is required. After signing, send the form to Box 5056 or deliver to RUC 356 with a copy of the art to be submitted for approval.