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Digital Signage

The TN Tech digital signage network is strategically located across campus to promote announcements, news, student activities, campus community-generated content and events, as well as critical updates such as emergency information and weather advisories.

The network consists of 82 display devices, typically a wall mounted LCD screen, that can vary in orientation and size and whether it is a static or interactive sign. Most of the digital signage on campus is considered static, meaning there is no interactive manipulation by the audience or viewer. A select few are interactive, where a viewer can actively select information to be displayed by way of a touch screen display. In either case, the displays are generally active 24/7.

The signage on campus is overseen by two departments, Information Technology Services (ITS) and The Office of Communication and Marketing (OCM). ITS manages the set-up, and hardware. OCM oversees the content manager training, signage content (which includes templates), permissions and content approvals.

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