Communications & Marketing

Requesting a News Release

How our writers work

To promote the university, the Office of Communications & Marketing works with faculty, students and staff to develop news releases that highlight interesting and newsworthy people and projects at TTU. Most news releases fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Innovations in teaching and research
  • National recognition of TTU students and staff
  • Events with broad public interest
  • Hometown announcements

Requesting news releases

Details on an event must reach our office two to four weeks prior to the event. We publicize events regionally, and many Upper Cumberland newspapers publish weekly, which means we have to meet submission deadlines weeks in advance of the event.

You may request specific publications and distribution dates, but we cannot guarantee it will run as you requested. Unlike paid advertising, the news releases and photos we send to media outlets are used at their discretion. We cannot guarantee whether the news releases we prepare and distribute will be published. We will work with TTU staff and students to ensure the news release is timely, relevant and interesting to increase the likelihood of placement by local media.

For more information or to send us a story idea, email Buddy Pearson.

Hometown Announcements

Hometown releases are an effective way to share good news about TTU students with people in their hometowns. Hometown releases with photos are more likely to be published by local newspapers. For more information about scheduling photo shoots, see below. To request a hometown release, contact Dewayne Wright.

Photos for Hometown Releases

Please schedule photo assignments early and accurately here. Let us know the photos will be used for hometown releases.

Because hometown releases are sent county-wide, please organize your students by county and have identification ready for each student/county to ensure accuracy when your information is distributed. All students from that county will be photographed together for the convenience of the media outlets. All students must sign a release form, found here, for their images and names to be published anywhere.

Hometown Announcement Submission Form