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Site Analytics Dashboard Launch

While you have access to individual page analytics through the Omni CMS, we are officially releasing a new analytics dashboard that will help you better understand your visitors as a whole. This dashboard is available to all faculty and staff, even if they don't have access to Omni CMS. This is the first version of the dashboard and we hope to make many enhancements to it over time. We would appreciate any feedback that you have along the way. The link is provided below.

The dashboard is broken up into five pages: the first four pages shows visitor data across four different groups (all visitors, external visitors, internal visitors, and GA4 external traffic with event information) and the fifth page shows our Google Search rankings.

The first four pages can show you data and analytics for any page on the website. To find a specific page or group of pages, use the page path search function at the top. Type in any folder or file path into the field and press enter. The folder or file path is anything after For example: For all pages in the "About" section,, you would enter /about. Enter a specific page the same way: /ocm/wdm/contact.php. You can get as general or specific as you need to. Just remember to change the search parameters in the drop down next to the search field; I typically use either “contains” or “starts with”. Below that, you also have the ability to change the date range for the data. By default, the range is set to the last 28 days. 

Site Analytics Dashboard

To navigate between the different pages on the dashboard, hover over the charts and change the page via the bar at the very bottom. 

Each of the first four pages shows data for a different group of visitors. The first three are based on our older GA property and contains data for since March 7, 2019 (when the new site launched).

 » Page 1 is all visitors to our website combined.

 » Page 2 is only external. It ignores anyone that visits our website while connected the campus network. This can be useful to understand recruitment efforts.

 » Page 3 is only internal. It only looks at those of visit the site while connected to the campus network.

 » Page 4 is based on the new GA4 platform. This new property was only started back in June, but has its own benefits for the limited data it does have. This data only looks at external traffic and includes event information.

 » Page 5 is our Google Search rankings. As of this email, 23,550 terms are included and how we rank in relation to that term. This can be useful to better understand how visitors find you through Google Search.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. To view the site analytics dashboard, go here:


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