Parent Association

About the Association


The Tennessee Tech University Parent Association, often referred to as T.T.U.P.A. or TTUPA, is an organization committed to the success of Tech students. A number of university administrators realized the need and importance of creating such an organization, and thus the Parent Association was born. The association was created out of a need for a direct line of communication between the University and the parents/guardians of its students. University officials feel strongly that this positive relationship between the University and families will strengthen the student as he or she moves toward graduation.

Triangle Relationship

TTUPA Triangle RelationshipUse this triangle as a visual representation. The relationship that is intended between the university and parents is to perpetually support the student. The university and parents should be the foundation of the triangle relationship supporting the student in his or her endeavors. The student should feel comfortable in seeking assistance from either the parent or the university, and all three should be working toward the ultimate goal of your student earning a degree. In summary, being a member of the Parent Association can create a much stronger base for aiding students during their university experience.

Vision and Mission


To create a nationally recognized organization that promotes positive university-parent relationships to support student success and assists in improving progression and graduation rates of Tennessee Technological University students.


  • To create strong partnerships and open personal lines of communication between parents, students, and Tech.
  • To assist parents through the college transition during the time their student is transitioning, by providing support and information.
  • To encourage parents to become involved members of the university community.
  • To facilitate opportunities for parents to meet and become acquainted with other Parent Association members as well as university faculty and staff both in Cookeville and across the state of Tennessee.