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Business & Fiscal Affairs

  • Fees, conditions of assessment, and refund policies are subject to change without prior notice by action of the Tennessee Board of Regents.
  • No student may enroll or receive a diploma, transcript of records, or grade report until all matured debts or obligations to the University, or any phase of its program, have been cleared.

Expenses for 2015-2016

***(For a listing of fees per semester, including prices for each residence hall and meal plan, click here to download the PDF of 2015 - 2016 fees by semester.)

Tuition and Fees (for 15 credit hours) $8,353 per year

Out-of-State fees are an additional $15,432 per year

Residence Hall Room* $4,590 per year

Meal Plan** $4,110 per year

TOTAL In-State Fees $17,053 per year

*Regular double occupancy residence hall
**'The Mighty 15' - most popular dining option

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These costs for in-state students taking 15 or more credit hours per semester and are comprised of the direct annual costs of attending Tennessee Tech University. Some courses may require additional fees.

For a detailed list of expenses, please visit the Bursar's Office (Business Office) tuition and fees page at