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Q - How do I get my money if my account has a credit balance?

The most timely option of distributing excess aid and/or refunds is to have it deposited on your EagleCard. This will allow you to get your aid/refund almost instantly and allows you to spend your money anywhere on campus that accepts the EagleCard. If you have a credit balance and wish to have it transferred to your EagleCard, please call the Business Office and ask for Accounts Receivable. Another option is to sign up for Direct Deposit. If students do not signup for direct deposit making it necessary to write checks. These checks will be available beginning approximately 14 days into the semester. This initial group of checks will be distributed from a central location in Derryberry Hall. Please follow the time schedule indicated as to when your check will be ready for pick up. Afterwards, they can be picked up in the Business Office during office hours.

Direct deposits (daily) and paper checks (weekly) will continue to be processed routinely after Registration day by the Business Office. An email message will be sent each time a direct deposit or check is processed.

Q - Where do I get my validation sticker?

Validation stickers will no longer be needed with the new Eagle One Card.

Q - Why do I have to confirm enrollment?

Confirming enrollment is necessary for everyone. It should be noted that making your FULL payment of fees is considered confirmation. However, if your fees are being paid via financial aid, scholarships, assistantships, etc., you MUST confirm that you will be attending classes even if you have a credit balance. Failure to confirm will result in losing your schedule and having to re-register for the same classes.

Students must confirm their enrollment to ensure they intend to attend the applicable semester. If you register for classes and decide not to attend and do not confirm, your classes will be automatically deleted. However, if you confirm enrollment, you have to officially withdraw from your classes or you will receive a grade of "F".

Once again, enrollment confirmation is necessary even if your fees are fully covered by a scholarship, graduate assistantship, or other financial aid. Full payment of fees will automatically confirm your enrollment.

Everyone must confirm by the applicable deadline in order to retain his/her schedule.

Enrollment may be confirmed via the Web.

NOTE: Students who pay fees and confirm enrollment by the deadline but decide not to attend must withdraw by notifying the Office of Student Affairs, (931) 372-3411, Fax (931) 372-6335.

Q - How do I pay my bill when the cashier windows are closed?

Cashier Hours are as follows: 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Payments made during times other than these can be made using ECHECK, VISA, MASTERCARD, OR DISCOVER via the web, or dropping the payment in the night depository box located in Derryberry Hall (Ground Floor). Payments made using the depository box before 8:00 a.m. will be considered received the day before. For example, if you drop your payment in the box at 7:00 a.m. on the 11th day of the month, the payment will be considered as being paid on the 10th day of the month. The box is opened once a day and whatever is in it is considered as being paid the day before.

E-check is now available. This allows an account to be paid via the Web using your checking account.

Q - Who do I talk with if I have questions about my account?

Accounts Receivable Office Hours are as follows: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Inquiries about account balances may be made at the accounts receivable windows located on the bottom floor of Derryberry Hall during the posted office hours. You can also check your account balance via the web. You will need your student ID and your personal access code in order to log in. Once you are logged in, choose "Account Summary/Credit Card Payment" under the Student Records section and enter the appropriate term.

Q - What if I want to pay an amount that is different than what my current balance is (using a credit card)?

Only the full amount due can be paid via the web. If you need to pay an amount different than what is currently due using a credit card, you must come to a cashier window in Derryberry Hall or you can call 372-3311 and ask to speak to a cashier.

E-check is now available. This allows an account to be paid via the Web using your checking account.

Q - Who is my advisor, what is my voice mailbox number, post office box number, etc.?

After logging into Eagle Online: Click on "Registration, Grades, Student Services, Bill Payment" option

  • Select Registration and Schedule
  • Select Registration Status
  • Select the term for which you are registered

You will then be able to view your advisor's name on this page along with your campus box number, your campus box combination, your voice mail box number, your major, and other pertinent registration status information.

Q - How do I get my parking permit?

If you select a parking permit during Fall Pre-Registration, it will be mailed to your campus P.O. Box prior to Regular Registration. If you did not select one during Pre-Registration, you will have to apply for one during Regular Registration in the Roaden University Center's Multipurpose Room. Throughout each semester, you can pick up your permit at the University Police Office, University Police Building, (931) 372-3234.

All vehicles on campus must display a parking permit. Permits issued during fall semester are valid through the following summer semester. Each student that registers and pays/confirms enrollment is entitled to one parking permit at no extra cost. Permits may be selected via Eagle Online.

Additional parking permits may be purchased at the following nonrefundable rates:

Fall Semester $50
Spring Semester $30
Summer Semester $10

Step 1 - Log in to Eagle Online

  • From the TTU home page, select Student
  • Select Eagle Online.
  • Meal Plan Instructions

    Downloadable meal plan selection instructions.

  • Select Enter Secure Banner Web Self Service
  • After entering your User ID and PIN, click Login

If you have forgotten your PIN, you may request that it be emailed to your TTU email account (see the Forgot PIN? instructions on the login page) or ITS Operations by calling (931) 372-3388.

Step 2 - Access Eligible Meal Plans

  • From the Main Menu, select Student
  • From the Student Menu, select Registration
  • From the Registration Menu, select Meal Plan Selection
  • Select the appropriate term and click Submit
  • Use the drop down box to see the selection of meal plans you are eligible to purchase

Step 3 - Select Meal Plan

  • Use the drop down box to see the selection of meal plans you are eligible to purchase
  • Highlight the meal plan you want and click on submit

Things to Remember!

If you are a freshman living in the dorm and do not select a meal plan, or you fail to select one of the required plans, you will be assigned a 15 meal a week plan.

If you do not have a dorm assignment within our system you will only be allowed to select from the list of Taxable meal plans. Your taxable/non-taxable status is verified nightly and your taxable charge will be updated as needed.

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