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Business & Fiscal Affairs

This is to inform TTU students of some new options available as well as applicable deadlines and changes in certain fee structures. Please read this message in its entirety because it contains important information regarding your student account, class schedule, etc.

Late Payment/Confirmation Fee:

Please make every effort to complete the registration process including payment and/or confirmation by the published deadline each semester to avoid the $100 Late Payment/Confirmation Fee.

Late registration will be assessed for summer fee payments and confirmations made after indicated deadline unless courses selected are second session only. Late registration will be assessed for second term summer fee payments and confirmation made after the day before classes begin.

TTU E-mail:

In order to be well informed, it is critical that all students routinely review their University e-mail. The Business Office uses this e-mail to alert students to new procedures, to update fee information, as a reminder of approaching deadlines, and for periodic billing notices.

Information About Payment/Confirmation Deadlines:

It is very important to be aware of deadlines and university policies, such as payment due dates, drop/add deadlines, and refund deadlines.

You must confirm your schedule or registration fees must be paid in full, or other payment arrangements approved, by the applicable deadlines to avoid schedule cancellation. Payment of fees automatically confirms enrollment.

Even if your fees are fully covered by a scholarship or financial aid with no payment due from you, you must still confirm your schedule via the Eagle Online.

Upcoming Deadlines:

>>University Calendar

General Tips & Comments:

  • The Business Office no longer issues printed fee billings. Access your Eagle Online account for an up-to-date amount due. Please make sure you either pay your fees or confirm your enrollment upon selecting classes or pay/confirm by the indicated deadlines.
  • Carefully read everything you receive from the Bursar's Office.
  • The Bursar's office uses your TTU email account and your campus P.O. Box to correspond important information. Make sure you check your email and campus mail box routinely.
  • Create a file for your Bursar's office correspondence or notes regarding your student account. Also, include any information pertaining to your financial aid in this file.
  • Keep your billing address current
  • It is very important to be aware of deadlines and university policies, such as payment due dates, drop/add deadlines, and refund deadlines. View important dates.

The mission of the Bursar's Office is to provide friendly and professional service to students, faculty, staff, and anyone associated with the University. The department's mission is also in direct support of the University's mission and in support of the student recruitment and retention goals of Tennessee Technological University.

The Bursar's Office wishes you a happy and successful experience at Tennessee Technological University.

Important Information For Parents:
  1. The University is bound by federal laws which mandate certain privacy rights for students. Under these privacy laws, University personnel are prevented from discussing student account information with parents or other third parties without a completed Information Release Authorization, signed by the student, on file. This form can be completed electronically using Eagle Online.
  2. Students may also authorize third parties to receive copies of monthly account e-billings and to have access to their account thus enabling the third parties to make payments on behalf of the student. Through the bill payment system, the student provides the third parties' email addresses to which e-billings will then be sent. The student may add, change, or delete designated addresses at any time.
  3. All refunds of student account credit balances, with the exception of Plus Loans, will be made by direct deposit, credit card or by check payable to the student regardless of the original payment method. With processing costs estimated to exceed the value of the refund, no refunds for $1.00 or less will be issued unless specifically requested..

  • FERPA: Tennessee Technological University intends to fully comply with The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA affords students certain rights with respect to their education records
  • Privacy Rights: On May 20, 1975, Tennessee Tech approved a statement of policy that includes provisions for the release of information about students and the rights of students and others to have access to Tech's education records.