Office of Sustainability

Office of Sustainability

Tennessee Tech University has been formally engaged in the sustainability process since 2005 when President Bell approved the Green Fee Program. This program originated as a bill from SGA which allowed $8.00 of a student activity fee to be set aside toward sustainable campus initiatives. The fee is distributed with approval from the Sustainable Campus Committee, which is a mix of students, faculty and staff that has been appointed by the President.

In the fall of 2015, the Office of Sustainability was established to help promote and document sustainable initiatives on campus. From the fee, TTU has been able to implement a Bike Share Program, create a Green Fitness Room, purchase Electric Vehicles, put in Hydration Stations & Occupancy Sensors and other projects that can be viewed here.

We have invested in the AASHE STARS Program, Green Power Switch, Project Regrind & Associated Research, along with other initiatives such as Student Outreach through things such as Earth Week Activities and the “Tree”mendous planting on campus. We are working towards LEED Certification for the new Science Building, and are always open to new project ideas from students on campus. You can submit your ideas through our proposal form.

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"Tennessee Tech University's Office of Sustainability strives to create a more environmentally friendly campus that provides mentoring and support through the integration of research and engagement for a sustainable campus."

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While TTU has been at the forefront of sustainable initiatives, one of the top goals for the Office of Sustainability is to have a central location to see what all is happening on campus. The Sustainable Campus Committee approved funding to join AASHE, which founded the STARS program. Through this, the Office of Sustainability is evaluating sustainability through Academics, Engagement, Operations, Planning & Administration, Innovation & Leadership, and the university as a whole. In the summer of 2017, we were rated as a Bronze STARS University. Tech will be able to use this as a benchmark for moving forward and improving sustainable initiatives across the campus. This database is open to any faculty or student of TTU. If you are interested in learning more about the rating system or helping collect information, contact us!

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