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Classification and Compensation

Staff Compensation plans at Tennessee Technological University include non-exempt employees (regular and temporary positions involved in clerical, technical, paraprofessional, skilled crafts and service or maintenance work) and exempt employees (regular and temporary administrative, managerial and professional non-faculty positions). These plans exclude faculty , the president, vice presidents, academic deans, graduate deans, academic department chairpersons, all employees with academic rank who are scheduled to teach as a portion of their regularly assigned duties, coaches and librarians. Associate and assistant deans and associate and assistant vice presidents are included if their employment agreements do not otherwise exclude them based upon their having to teach as a portion of their regularly assigned duties. Both the administrative/professional plan and the clerical and support classification plan are based on a point-factor method of job analysis. The plans provide a means by which administrative/professional and clerical/support positions can be equitably evaluated in a consistent and systematic manner in order to establish their relative worth. These plans are based upon job content and market factors - review and systematic evaluation of the relevant jobs and comparison of salaries with surveyed market data.