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Q. How may I become a member of the Sick Leave Bank?

The bank is open to any regular full-time and regular part-time employee, administrative and clerical and support or faculty. You must donate two (2) non- refundable days from your personal accumulated sick leave to the Sick Leave Bank. Open enrollment for faculty is during October each year. Open enrollment for non-faculty is during January each year. This is the only opportunity to join the Sick Leave Bank.

Policies and procedures > (24. Faculty Sick Leave Bank ) | (25. Non-Faculty Sick Leave Bank )

Q. I am going to be out on sick leave for an extended time and do not have enough leave. How do I get time from the Sick Leave Bank?

If you have been a member of the Sick Leave Bank for at least 30 days, and have documentation of continuing disability, and have used all sick, annual and banked comp time available to you, you are eligible to apply to the Sick Leave Bank. Applications may be picked up in the Human Resource Services Office. See Sharon King for Faculty Sick Bank or Non-Faculty Sick Bank. You will need to return the completed application and a physician's statement (on his/her letterhead or on HR form). Your request will be presented to the respective bank trustees and you and your department will be notified of their decision.

Q. How may I donate sick leave to another employee that does not have enough leave to pay them until they return to work?

You may donate a minimum of five (5) days to an employee in need if you currently have a minimum of twenty (20) days. However, the recipient must be a member of the Sick Leave Bank. They must have exhausted any leave granted by the sick leave bank trustees and have proper documentation of continuing disability. If these criteria have been met, you may sign a Sick Leave Donation Agreement pdf_icon_sm. The applications may be downloaded here or picked up in the Human Resource Services Office. Once approved by the Human Resource Officer, your leave will be assessed and added to the recipient's leave balance.

Policies and procedures > (21. Transfer of Sick Leave Between Employees )

Q. Who approves sick leave requests from the Sick Leave Bank?

The Bank is administered by five (5) trustees appointed by the president. The Trustees meet when a Sick Leave Bank Request pdf_icon_sm is submitted.

Q. What if the Sick Leave Bank runs out of sick leave to donate?

To date, the Bank has never assessed its members for more than the initial two-day deposit. In the event that the Sick Leave Bank reaches a critically low level, the members would be asked to donate additional hours from their personal sick leave.